BA Digital Media and Communication

The BA (Hons) Digital Media, Digital Media and Communication pathway (previously BA Digital Media and Communication) combines a programme of academic study with the practical knowledge the students need to work across the digital and creative industries. Through theory and practice modules the students develop critical thinking, communication skills and the ability not only to think creatively but also to evaluate creativity in different formats. They learn how media businesses and institutions operate and spend at least a third of their time on practice-based work, including web production and design.

Final year students apply their production skills to a web-based Digital Media Production Project, where they identify a non-profit organisation (e.g. a charity; a community or arts or environmental organisation) and work with that organisation to develop its on-line digital campaign. The students consult and liaise with stakeholders to design and create a website or other digital artefact for their chosen non-profit organisation.

Westminster Degree
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