BA Illustration & Visual Communication

Our course offers a flexible, multidisciplinary, multimedia approach to the study and practice of contemporary illustration & visual communication.

A supportive learning community encourages students to develop their own distinctive visual practice through experimentation and inquiry.

A broad range of projects provide students with intellectual and creative space to explore and examine a variety of processes and practices in both traditional and emerging technologies.

In this strange and challenging year, IVC students have shown great resourcefulness and invention, creating diverse work around cultural representation, mental health, music, the natural world, legend, personal journey and the physical and psychological landscapes of life in lockdown.

Ideas are explored through figurative, graphic, abstract, decorative and surreal visual languages. The resulting work engages many audiences and takes a variety of visual forms.

Thank you for helping us celebrate an extraordinary collection of young illustrators & visual communicators in this extraordinary year.

We hope you enjoy the showcase.

Westminster Degree
Show 2021