BA Journalism

The BA (Hons) Digital Media, Journalism pathway (previously BA Journalism) is a distinctively modern media course with creativity and employability at its core. Drawing on the University of Westminster’s long-standing tradition of innovation in Media Studies, the Journalism pathway combines traditional reporting and writing with online, multimedia and networking skills and is informed by world-leading media research.

Attracting a diverse group of students from across the UK, Europe and beyond, the course draws on the energy and high-level industry connections of its London location to offer a cosmopolitan, globalised and creative learning culture, and a uniquely flexible course structure.

For their Final Projects, BA Journalism students worked together on The Voice of London, a live multimedia news website aimed at young Londoners, adding a range of stories to the site and its various social media platforms. They also worked on an individual project - the brief here was to create a challenging piece of original journalism. Students produced a range of work from websites and scrolling multimedia features to video documentaries, podcasts, magazine proposals and long form features.

Westminster Degree
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