BA/Mus Music

Our music graduates work across diverse genres and media. Many are all-round self-produced artists that write, perform and record their own music. Through immersive online performances and international gigs, many are promoting themselves to a global audience. Some are recording artists with record labels, while others have started their own businesses. Beyond their own songs, our students have worked on sound design and composition for film, TV, games and more, as mixing and mastering engineers, sound recordists, music marketeers, promoters and event managers.

This is made possible through the three main focus areas of our course – performance, production and business. By specializing in one of these areas, our students have been able to tailor their learning to their individual needs, and you will see this diversity in the streamed performances, talks and music videos during the event. Overall, our student community is diverse, forward thinking and inclusive – what you see here is the next generation of creative innovators.

Westminster Degree
Show 2021